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Guidelines for Parents


Pre –School Day


Yeladenu is open each weekday morning from 9.00am to 12.00pm. with additional afternoon hours on offer from 12.00 - 3.00 pm at an extra cost. Children are accepted from the age of 2 years old. They often stay until they are ready to join the reception class of their chosen school.


When children first start parents/carers may be asked to stay for a short while at the beginning of the day to settle their child, and to collect their child early, particularly if a new child becomes distressed.


On arrival in the morning, parents should sign in and note any changes in the picking up of their child. Parents are requested to leave the premises as quickly as possible, to help the staff settle the children in. Please do not bring toys for your child from home as this leads to problems. If something is needed for comfort, please discuss this with the teacher.


Children should be collected promptly. Please do not leave an anxious child waiting. If you are going to be unavoidably delayed please try to contact the nursery or arrange for somebody else to collect for you. IN ALL INSTANCES WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS COLLECTING YOUR CHILD THE STAFF MUST BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE.



The Synagogue car park is not available.


Teaching Staff

The Head Teacher, Helen Style, is ably supported by a qualified and experienced teaching staff. Additional helpers are called in when necessary, to ensure the correct teacher/child ratio. If you wish to see any of the teaching staff they will be happy to answer your questions. If you need to speak to a particular teacher please ask when you arrive in the morning so that they will definitely be available. Those times are just suggestions to protect the smooth running of the Pre-School. Please do not let this deter you from communicating with teachers who are always happy to advise or answer your queries or any concerns you may have.


The Management Committee

The Pre-School is overseen by a Management Committee comprising a chair, treasurer, secretary, headteacher and parent rep. This is particularly important as the Nursery is solely reliant for its income on the fees it receives plus any sums raised during the year through fundraising. The Nursery is NOT sponsored, assisted or attached to the Synagogue in any way other than it rents the premises. Because of this the fundraising is very important to enable us to keep our fees as low as possible and ensure that we can meet all our running expenses and buy any new equipment for the children.



Please notify us in advance if your child will be absent for any reason, or in case of illness, during the morning.



Please send children in sensible comfortable clothing, bearing in mind that they are regularly in contact with paint, glue and water. Please label all their clothing. A spare set of clothing or underwear in case of an accident due to paint or water play can be kept in their plastic bag on their coat hook.



Initially, children are accompanied/assisted to the toilet until they are confident to go by themselves. They are encouraged to go whenever they need. Please ensure that they can easily undo their clothing for toilet purposes. Personal hygiene is strongly encouraged.


Snack Time

Only fruit and/or vegetables, provided by the children, will be allowed for snack time.


Children will drink milk or water provided by the nursery.


A water jug and cups will be available at all times for the children to take drinks for themselves whenever they are thirsty. Parents to supply a named water bottle for their child. 


No food must be brought onto the Nursery premises that contain nuts. We are a NUT FREE ZONE.


ALL ALLERGIES WILL BE NOTED AND ALL STAFF WILL BE INFORMED in the addition to having the allergy noted on the information form.


On Fridays, challah is given to the children at the Shabbat party.



At Yeladenu Pre-School every child’s birthday is remembered and simply celebrated, parents are welcome to attend and may bring in a cake/pretzels etc. If you wish to send birthday treats please do not send sweets or balloons.


Your child’s birthday can be celebrated in a special way, by presenting Yeladenu with a book in their name.



Yeladenu has a comprehensive set of policies which are permanently and readily available by the parents’ noticeboard to be read. Copies of the policies can be emailed on request. We encourage all parents to read through the policies when starting the Pre-School.





Please inform the Nursery if your child is suffering from an infectious illness and please exclude you child from Nursery for the appropriate period.


Please also watch for head lice and worms and notify the nursery in either event. Diarrhoea – Child must be clear for a complete day before returning.


Please do not send your child to Nursery if he/she has been ill in the night.


Medication will be administered with parental consent.


Please keep your child at home for 24 hours after he/she has been vomiting.




Incubation period (days)

Min. Period of exclusion



6 days from onset of rash or until blisters healed




Days until clinically fit or adequately treated.


German measles


4 days from onset of rash




   7 days from onset of rash



till swelling subsides and child is fit (min. 7 days)


Whooping cough


   21 days from onset of severe cough