Coronavirus Information for Parents


  • are doing our best to provide an environment which has been risk assessed in response to Covid-19  and ensure that the nursery setting both inside and out is thoroughly cleaned daily

  • are adhering to the social distancing rules as set out by the Government as much as we reasonably can.

  • will meet the needs and wellbeing of your child.

  • communicate with parents via Whatsapp, emails, Newsletter and Tapestry. It is imperative that you read all communication from Yeladenu to keep you updated on your child and any information from us. This works both ways so we also want you to communicate with us.

  • will not be available for any face -to -face discussions with parents but will keep you updated via Tapestry. If you need to speak to anyone then either Whatsapp, email or call the nursery.

  • will not be wearing PPE

  • have a Risk Assessment and Covid Policy

Coronavirus Information for Parents


  • will make sure that we have all your correct updated Emergency contact details.

  • will read all communications – Tapestry, Whatsapp, newsletters, emails

  • will ensure your child goes to the toilet before they come to Yeladenu as they

  • will have to wait in line and then wash their hands outside. We are only using the upstairs toilets in the classroom and ONLY children are allowed.

  • understand that your child/ren will be outside unless we have really adverse weather conditions

  • will make sure that your child/ren is dressed appropriately to be outside.

  • will NOT be permitted to enter the building

  • will send a Whatsapp or call if someone else is collecting your child

​In case of Illness

If a child shows any suspected Coronavirus symptoms then you must get them tested by phoning NHS 111 and also keep them off nursery for 48 hours or until the results come back and Yeladenu needs to see a copy of the results. If the test is positive then you must self-isolate as a family for 10 days or subject to current guidelines. If they have been in nursery and symptoms develop and they test positive the whole nursery will have to close and isolate for 10 days or subject to current guidelines. Therefore it is vital that if you or your child shows any symptoms or you suspect that they might have the virus you must not bring them into pre-school.